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Daufuskie Island Residents Page

Daufuskie Island
Important Information

Federal Express Services for Island Residents

Daufuskie Island residents now have the option to use Federal Express services to receive FedEx, FedEx Home, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight packages. The Daufuskie Island Ferry Visitor Center is a Federal Express clearing station for all FedEx packages addressed to Daufuskie Island recipients.

Island residents will be notified when a FedEx package addressed to them arrives at the Visitors Center. Residents may choose to pick up the package there between the hours of 9 and 4, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays, or they can arrange to have the package delivered by the Captain to the Melrose Landing luggage transfer area at a specific time any weekday.

The fee payable to DIFS by credit card is $10 for pick up at the Visitors Center or $20 if delivered to Melrose Landing. If you are going to have the package sent over to Melrose Landing, call the ferry office (843 940 7704) to make payment and set up ferry delivery details. Unclaimed packages will be returned to FedEx. Please be sure to add the Visitor Center address, (1536 Fording Island Road, Bluffton, SC 29926) to the delivery information for any of your Daufuskie-bound FedEx orders.

Daufuskie Island Non-emergency COVID-19 Medical Transport

The following non-emergency COVID-19 medical transport procedures are effective immediately and will be followed until further notice. The purpose of this policy is to transport individuals who are feeling sick to the mainland in a vessel other than the regular ferries.

Individuals who require non-emergency medical transportation will be transported on a water taxi from Melrose Landing to Buckingham Landing during normal business hours.

Individuals who think they are symptomatic will be transported from Melrose Landing to Buckingham in accordance with the following procedures:
• Transportation shall be provided on a separate vessel.
• The crew and vessel will be assigned by Haig Point marine management.
• The captain will determine who will be allowed to accompany the patient.
• The patient will wear a mask.
• The crew will wear a N-95 mask and gloves.
• All present on the boat will maintain a distance of six feet from the patient, if possible.
• The crew will de-contaminate the boat after the patient has left.
• The boat will not be used for passengers until it has been completely de- contaminated.
• A written record of each transport will be submitted to the Director of Transportation.

If an individual on Daufuskie Island requires non-emergency medical transport, they should call the Daufuskie Island Ferry office at 843-940-7704.  That individual will provide the office staff with a credit card to be used to cover the $250 taxi fee unless it is waived by confirmation of a doctor visit.

Parking at Buckingham Landing for Island Residents

The Daufuskie Island Ferry operates 4 parking areas at the visitor center, the fruit stand, the service station and Buckingham Landing.

1. Decal Parking for Island Residents
At Buckingham Landing, the Resident Decal Parking area is reserved for cars that have Parking Decals on their bumpers. (Currently all parking decals have been assigned and no new decals will be issued.)   Cars with decals are not assigned a specific parking space.  There are enough spaces in the reserved area to accommodate these cars.  Cars without decals are NOT to park in this area even it appears that there is available space.   If you have a question, the ferry staff will direct you to an appropriate parking location.

2.  General Parking for Island Residents
General parking is all the spaces at Buckingham Landing, except for those marked handicapped, those within the Decal Parking area and the specific spots marked RESERVED.   Should a resident have difficulty finding a space in General Parking, the ferry staff will direct that resident to an appropriate parking location.  Occasionally, residents may be told to park at an alternative ferry parking area such as the ferry visitor center, service station or fruit stand.  Parking locations are assigned at the crew’s discretion based on availability.  Residents are assured that they will always have a parking place, however, there are no specific spots assigned to anyone unless they are paying the annual $100/month fee for a RESERVED parking spot.

Resident’s cars parked over-night for a period of time must have a dated parking permit displayed on their mirrors or on their dashboards.  General parking for Island Residents is $100 per month or $10/night if less than 10 days.  Dated parking permits can be obtained and/or updated from the crew or by calling the office at 843 940 7704.

3. Free remote parking
Located at the Beaufort County Government Offices, 4819 Bluffton Parkway, Bluffton 29910. This area can be used by any cars which have a valid dated parking pass displayed on their dashboard. Valid parking passes for overnight parking can be obtained from the ferry staff.  There is no shuttle service between this area and the Landing.

Securing a Parking Decal

While decal parking is an alternative for island residents with Palmetto Breeze ID cards, all available Parking Decals have been assigned and no new passes will be issued.

Paying for Resident Parking

Decal Parking
Decal Parking is $50 per month. Payment is due and payable on the 1st of the month and if not paid by the 15th of the month, a $15 late fee will be applied. Parking can be paid monthly or for any number of months.  You can make a payment by credit card by calling the Daufuskie Island Ferry office at 843 940 7704.   Payment can also be made by check made out to HPCCA.  Call the office for details – 843 950 7704.

General Parking
General parking areas include the visitor center, service station, fruit stand and the landing with the exception of the area designated for Decal Parking and the specific spots marked RESERVED.  General parking  is $100 per month or $10 per day whichever is cheaper.  Dated parking permits can be purchased by credit card from the crew.   Should you need to extend your parking and are on Daufuskie, please call the office to arrange an extended date so that there is no risk of being towed due to an expired permit.

Finding a Place to Park

A parking permit or a parking decal is required for over-night parking. Any car which does not have a Resident Parking Decal on the bumper must have a parking permit on its dashboard or mirror.

Arriving vehicles will drive to the designated cargo drop-off area located under the small building where the crew will issue parking permits and assist with luggage.  Overnight parking permits must be displayed on the dashboard or mirror of every car being parked overnight unless there is a Resident Parking Decal on the car’s bumper.

There is an area reserved for decal parking at the landing.  If you do not have a decal, the ferry staff will tell you where to park. Depending on space available, general parking could be in any of the four ferry parking areas (the fruit stand, service station, ferry visitor center or the landing).  Parking locations are assigned at the staff’s discretion based on availability.

Passengers going to Daufuskie are encouraged to wait patiently until passengers from Daufuskie have de-boarded and have left the parking area.

Decal Parking Policies

Individuals with a parking decal on the bumper of their automobile should be aware of the following:

  • That the decal is not transferrable (parking privileges apply ONLY to the car to which the decal is attached).
  • That decal parking payments of $50.00 per month are due regardless of whether or not the car is parked in the lot.
  • That decal parking payments must be made on time whether paying monthly, quarterly, annually or otherwise.
  • That cars with decals must park in the area reserved for them unless directed by the crew to park elsewhere.
  • That non-adherence to these policies could result in a late charge or revocation of decal parking privileges

To void this decal and terminate the associated parking agreement, a cancellation notice should be presented in writing to the ferry office (843 940 7703).

Parking at Melrose Landing

Notices have been placed on all the cars parked at Melrose Landing advising the owners to call 843-341-8106 to register their vehicles if they wanted to continue parking at the landing.  We appreciate your cooperation.  If you have any questions, call Captain Richard at 843-341-8106.

Island Resources

If you are a newcomer or an old-timer, and if you may need help with plumbing, painting, heating repairs, landscaping, the list below gives you some valuable resources for quick help.  If you provide services to the island and are not on the list, just call the Daufuskie Island Ferry.  Any updates will also be appreciated.

Please Make Ferry Reservations

Click the flag logo to make reservations.

THANK YOU for making ferry reservations.
It help us anticipate our crew and boat requirements in order to best serve you.

Ferry Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about Daufuskie Island Ferry policies, please call 843-940-7704.   The crew is tasked with operations and is not responsible for company policy.


Island Services

Emergency Services

Island emergency services are handled by a full-time, modern Fire Department and EMS.

Daufuskie Island Fire District:   843 758-2116

EMS: 911

Poison Control Center:  800 222-1222

Beaufort County Sheriff Department:    843 255-3300
Beaufort County Sheriff does not maintain full-time presence on the island. They will respond as necessary.

Environmental Crimes unit: Sgt. John Gobel     843 255-3421
SC Crime Stoppers: 1-888-274-6372

You can access “Lowcountry Law: A Look Inside of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office” at their Facebook page:

Utilities and Services

Water & Sewer
Daufuskie Island Utility Company  617-423-3030

Electric & Gas
SC Electric and Gas (SCG&E)  800-251-7234
Underground Line Location   811

Phone and Internet Service

Hargray/Telephone Service           877-427-4729

Builders / Architects

Fred Ludtke   843 686-2210

Vaccaro Architects  843 290-3076

CCL Builders   912 412-8882

Tidewater Company   841-842-8313

Anthony Group
Tony Cucco   843.671.3071

Joshua M. Simpson  843.247.2351

Mahe Coastal Homes  843.422.8292

Osprey Construction
Chuck Hunter 843.290.1845

Construction and Renovation

Geoff Brunning    404 569-2353

Daufuskie Site Preparation Inc   843-785-5141

Lee Construction  843 784-5288

Clark Construction, LLC
Steve Clark 478-387-5580

Johnson Services   843.384.2982

Khristo Services   843.683.7440

Ron Jones  843.684.2344

Ted Richardson/Renovation   843-842-4560

Yarborough Masonry 843-338-2570

Nelson Olivera  843.540.5514

Joe Davis  706-829-8864


Khristo Services   843.683.7440

Nancy Owens  843.842.6942

Graham Iverson   843.422.4755

George Rafferty  516-287-6592

Brian Crabtree   404-444-01491

Heating, Air & Electricity

Eddie Pennebaker 864-650-2739

Bluffton Electric                     843 757-9522

May River Electric                 843 784-7070

Earl’s Electrical                       843 683-6186

Lang 72 Degrees                    843 681-6824

Hahn’s Air Specialists           843 683-4242

Air Control Systems              843.815.9389

Air Force One                         843.815.6982

Markes Heating and Air      843.836.3000

Superior Heating and Air    843.682.2665

Palmetto Propane                 843-540-6273

Septic Tank
Degler Waste Management           843-645-7867

Sea Island Backflow, LLC
John Lebak 843-842-8427

Landscape & Pest Control Services

Daufuskie Landscapes         843-684-3445

Island Essentials (butterfly-friendly pest management) 843-444-8585

Island Environments   (843) 342-7734

The Greenery   843-785-3848

Rivers Landscape and Tree Service    843.247.5210

Hilton Head Exterminators   843 681-2590

Carolina Termite & Pest Control   843-681-4401

Housekeeping and Handyman Services

Sea Glass Home Services LLC   843-785-4697/843-368-7013

Cleaning/Triune Corporation  843-686-6330

Johnson Cleaning Services 843.384.2982

Raya Cobb    843.540.3020

Rebecca Price   912.308.5017

Nancy & Monica   843-842-6942

Tammy Helmuth   843-247-5941

Jodi Yarborough   843-842-2245 or 843-338-2184

Handyman Services

David Helmus   843.247.5940

Ron Jones    843.684.2344

Bryan Cranston

Eddie Pennebaker 864-650-2739


A Perfect Move   866.630.6740

All My Sons   843.757.2100

Barge Services

Bull Island Freight   843-321-0119

Hutchinson Island  912-232-1836

J & W Barge Services  843.342.8687 or 843.290.9336

New River Transport  843.341.5765

Transportation Services to and on Daufuskie

Daufuskie Island Ferry Service – 843-940-7704

Daufuskie Island Ferry Service Water Taxi – 843-940-7704

Haig Point Ferry (private)    843-686-2000

Harbour Town Water Taxi    843-363-2628

May River Excursions Water Taxi  843-304-2878

Palmetto Breeze (ferry passes for residents) 843-757-5782

Golf Cart Rental

Daufuskie Carts 843-997-0062

Freeport Marina   843-384-4354

Island Carts   843-505-3937

Mungeon Carts 912-844-0222

Tour Daufuskie   843-842-9449

Bicycle Rental

Sports Addiction Bicycles Rentals  843-815-8281.

Taxi / Shuttle Service

Daufuskie Transit   (843) 338-2570

Freddy Taxi Service  (843) 368-4238

Vehicle Services and Repair

Gasoline – Freeport Marina  843-785-8242

Suresh’s Cart Garage  843 445-1455 or 843 842-1239

Daufuskie Cars and Carts    910-528-6383

Golf Cart Sales

Club Car of Hilton Head   843.837.2066

Coastal Custom Carts  843.815.6622

Low Country Golf Carts  843.987.8272

Real Estate Services

Tony Simonelli 908 295-6778

Andy Mason 843 842-3441

Karen Rafferty 516-287-6592

Tom Heffner

Tom Jackson 843-757-7710

Erica Veit 843-290-9119

Tom Beavor 843-341-3700 ext. 8205

Norma Jenkins and Susan Taylor (843) 384-1484

Dawn Hall Rodgers  704-770-6825

Daufuskie Properties 877-437-7290

Susan Jones Property Management 843-384-4894

Daufuskie Rental Group, Deb Smith 404-414-1282

Other Creative Services

Catering – Sallie Ann Robinson 912 604 8210

Catering – Brad Klieve & Rebecca Watts 803 518 0665

Daufuskie Island Photography – Meg Prosser  (678) 628-2474

Interior Home Decorating – Karen Operdeck 843-247-2364

Island Artists

To learn about the wonderful talent that has made this island so special, click here.

About your
QRcode Ticket Account

Palmetto Breeze in conjunction with Daufuskie Island Ferry offers island residents a paperless Ferry Ticket System.  It works like a transponder car pass on toll roads.  The QR code sticker on your ID card will be scanned every time you ride the ferry.  The cost of your ride will be deducted from your Palmetto Breeze QRcode Ticket account.

  • To deposit money into your Palmetto Breeze QRcode ticket account, click the Palmetto Breeze icon above.
  • To check the balance in your Palmetto Breeze QRcode ticket account, click here.

If you do not have a credit/debit card or access to the internet, you can deposit cash into your Breeze Ticket Account by visiting the Palmetto Breeze office at 25 Benton Field Road in Bluffton or go to the School Grounds Coffee Shop on Daufuskie Island.  If you have a problem, call the ferry office at 843 940 7704.

Individuals who want to obtain a Daufuskie Island resident ID card and open a Palmetto Breeze ticket account should contact Palmetto Breeze at (843) 757-5782.  The cost of a one-way ride for individuals with a Palmetto Breeze ID card is determined by Palmetto Breeze and depends on the resident status (renter, land-owner, home-owner, etc.).

O – Orange = student resident, elderly resident or disabled resident – $3
P – Pink = permanent resident and 4% land owner – $4
G – Green = long-term renter – $5
Y – Yellow =2nd home & 6% land owner – $8

Islanders who already have a Breeze ID card and need a QRcode sticker for charging their rides should contact the Palmetto Breeze office or the Daufuskie Island Ferry office (843-940-7704).

Palmetto Breeze
25 Benton Field Drive
Bluffton, SC 29910
(843) 757-5782

Out of respect for this convenience, all individuals with QRcode accounts are expected to keep these accounts current.  Passengers with delinquent QRcode accounts may be asked to provide credit card payment of $35.00 for round-trip transportation until their account is brought up to date.


Daufuskie Island Ferry Passenger Guide

For a complete understanding of the ferry system including:

  • Ferry Services Overview
  • Photo ID Cards
  • Classification of Fares
  • Parking
  • Guidelines & Rules of Conduct
  • Cargo & Freight

contact Palmetto Breeze.
25 Benton Field Road, Bluffton, SC 29910
843-757-5782 – office
843-757-5783 – fax
Ticket Sales:  Monday – Friday  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM