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Explore Daufuskie

When you come to Daufuskie, you may meet published authors, famous athletes, successful entrepreneurs, acclaimed artists, woodworkers, wine makers, chefs, historians, sculptors, farmers, and even well-known performers. Find out why they live on a bridgeless island with no sidewalks and no town center. How do they get around? What do they like to do? Be ready to be captured by the allure of Daufuskie.

Getting Around

No sidewalks?  No town center?  That means no traffic.  No crowds.  Whether you are just spending the day or staying a week, you will need land transportation to get around Daufuskie.   If you are staying for a while, some rental properties include a golf cart in which case you just need transportation to get to there.

When a property does not include a cart, you may need to rent one for your entire stay.  Most resort communities prefer electric carts.  Here are some options for getting around on Daufuskie.

Daufuskie Carts
ELECTRIC Golf cart rentals reserved by the hour, day or week  – 843-997-0062

Freeport Marina
Gas golf cart rentals on a first-come first-serve basis.

Island Carts
Gas golf cart rentals by the hour, day or week – 843-505-3937

Mongeon Carts
Gas golf cart rentals by the day or week – 912-844-0222

Tour Daufuskie
Gas golf cart rentals by the hour, day or week – 843-842-9449

Fuskie Bikes – 843-849-9000
If you think you might prefer bicycles as opposed to golf carts, call Fuskie Electric Bike Rentals.  Electric bike rentals for half or full day and multi-day are available.

Their 4 inch tires allow for easy travel on Daufuskie’s sandy roads. The bikes can be programmed for pedal only,  pedal assist or throttle only depending on your comfort level.

Optional fishing and beach packages can be added to your island adventure’

If you are staying over night and your rental agency has not arranged for your land transportation to and from your rental unit, Daufuskie Transit  provides transportation for your group and luggage between your rental and the dock – (843) 338-2570.

Freddy’s Transport Service – 843- 368-4238 – also provides taxi service in addition to transport to and from your rental unit.

No matter how you get around, exploring Daufuskie is an adventure.

What to Do – The Map Tells it All

Whether you come to Daufuskie for its history, or its natural beauty, or its community of unique artisans, or its eclectic atmosphere,  it’s always a good idea to start at the Billie Burn Museum for maps and a little background about the island.

Click the map below to view a full-size map of a self-guided tour which will take approximately 3 hours for all stops.


For History Buffs

The museum is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 1pm-4pm. The museum can also be opened at other times by appointment for groups (given appropriate advance notice). Call (843) 384-6363.

Click here to view a self-guided history tour map of the island which has been augmented to include shops and restaurants.  For printable road maps of Daufuskie, choose from the following:

Order a copy of  “Daufuskie’s Role in American History and the Story of Its Gullah People”.  This paper-back book can be ordered at 619-838-6548. Read more about Daufuskie’s Role in History.

For Island Explorers

Once on Daufuskie, you will find that it is an island full of fun things to do.  You might want to take a self-guided tour on a golf cart or bicycle  or have a tour guide or a real estate agent waiting for you when you arrive.  No matter how much you see and do, there is always more to discover about this magical island.

There are two different ways to explore Daufuskie:   guided tours and self-guided tours.

Guided Tours

Sallie Ann’s Authentic Gullah Tours

Sallie Ann Robinson, famous author and chef who was born and raised on Daufuskie, will be your dynamic guide on these fascinating tours which take place Tuesday through Saturday at 11am-2pm or 2pm-5pm.  Sallie will take

you down many of the island’s original dirt roads that tunnel through beautiful moss-laden oak trees.  She will make history come alive as she entertains you with her stories of growing up on Daufuskie, appreciating the tough-love way of life and being a student of Pat Conroy, who included Sallie Ann in his book, The Water is Wide.  For more information, call  (843) 686-2227.

TourDaufuskie Guided Tours

Tour Daufuskie is a locally owned and operated company specializing in Daufuskie Island guided tour packages such as Daufuskie Island history/artisan tours, kayaking tours, eco-tours, and also Daufuskie Island Gullah tours. These are generally offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11AM or 2PM.  Through their tours, the company hopes to give visitors a local perspective and foster a sense of unplugged appreciation.   For more information call (843) 842-9449  and book your tour of Daufuskie Island, a special and beautiful place you will not soon forget.

Daufuskie Island Self-Guided Tours

If you do an unguided tour with a company like Daufuskie Carts,  you will be greeted personally by a company representative who will tell you all about the island, give you an island map annotated with historical facts, and point out Daufuskie’s restaurants, beaches and shops.  Then you will spend your day doing what you want to do in a quiet, fast electric golf cart.   No matter what you do, your “self-guided”  tour will be an adventure.  For more information, call  (843) 997-0062.

Galleries and Eateries
Here are some of the shops and restaurants that await you.

Daufuskie Blues

The front room of the old two-room schoolhouse is where you will encounter hand-dyed textiles (scarves, napkins, hand towels, shirts) made with organic indigo and other natural colors only available on Daufuskie.

A visit to the Daufuskie Blues studio includes a real-life, school-book lesson about the history of Indigo and about preserving the historical techniques and skills that can bring out the magic of this amazingly beautiful blue color! The result is that once dyed, indigo is so colorfast that it can last for centuries!

Indigo – centuries old, symbolic of the sacred and beautiful, revered for its purifying effect on the soul – is more than a color, it’s the embodiment of a historical journey. Daufuskie Blues just challenges you to wear it and feel the magic of the ‘blue hue”.

The Community Farm

Since 2010, Daufuskie Community Farm and Artisan Village has devoted its energy to passionately advocating sustainable living on Daufuskie Island.  With the initial introduction of the community farm that attracted those desiring to have a hands-on way of producing food for their community, a growing desire has occurred to make a difference.  The local community has contributed to the planning, construction, and growth of this thriving work by expanding the farm from animals into gardens, orchards, and the new Artisan Village!  Please enjoy browsing this informative site and consider how you can be a part of the progress of this exciting work.  Daufuskie Community Farm

Iron Fish Gallery

The Iron Fish art gallery (est. 2001) is not just a coastal decor gift shop, it is coastal art gallery online which exclusively represents renowned coastal sculptor CHASE ALLEN’S sculptures. These limited vintage fish art sculptures are 100% handcrafted at The Iron Fish Gallery & Studio on Daufuskie Island, SC by coastal artist & sculptor CHASE ALLEN. There is not one coastal sculpture offered which was created in a factory overseas or on a mechanized assembly line.
Chase has become known for his vintage finished fish art sculptures, mermaid art sculptures, stingray art sculptures, blue crab art sculptures and last but not least, his “Maine” lobster art sculptures.
Allen’s handcrafted sculptures have been featured on television as well as in national magazines such as Coastal Living, Southern Living, and Charleston Home.  He was recipient of the 2014 American Made Audience Choice Award hosted by Martha Stewart.  To learn more about the Iron Fish Gallery, click here.

Daufuskie Island Distillery

The Daufuskie Island Distillery, located on 12 acres off Haig Point Road, opened in December 2014.    It is famous for distilling 8 varieties of the sea island’s most authentic, 100% American, handcrafted rum.  Each bottle of Daufuskie Island Rum is distilled, bottled, labeled, and packed by hand on Daufuskie.  In addition they distill 2 varieties of vodka and a bourbon.

The facility is open to the public for tours and tastings from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 to 4. Be sure to check out our give shop as well.
Open Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00am to 5:00pm
The Daufuskie Island Distillery

Daufuskie Hardwood Boards

An enigmatic “new” artist is Lynell Lynke. In her first life, she was a scientist with degrees in biology and chemistry and a focus on oncology, infectious diseases and transplant testing. Now she is an artist whose work is so popular that she can hardly keep up with the demand.

Her artistic journey becan when she discovered the beauty of the trees on Daufuskie which are as diverse as they are beautiful.  “As hardwoods became available after storms, I wanted to create something unique and beautiful rather than having them burned up,” she added. That ‘something unique’ turned out to be cutting boards, frames and even table tops which show off the beautiful live edges of the trees themselves.

The Daufuskie Community Farm has a mill where I can turn logs into customized lumber. After they dry, I cut them to size and plane them to expose their beautiful grain.” What emerges is almost miraculous – a piece of debris transformed into a piece of art – an ugly duckling turned into an elegant swan – potential recognized and perfection restored.

Contact Lynell at 853-736-4438 or email her at llynellmg@gamail.com

Silver Dew Pottery

Silver Dew Pottery, owned by husband and wife Lancy and Emily Burn, has been in business on Daufuskie over 15 years. The Burn family roots run deep on the island, and Lancy’s grandfather, Papy, was the Bloody Point lighthouse keeper. Papy spent his time wandering the shores, forests, and dirt roads of Daufuskie, collecting ancient pottery shards and other Native American island artifacts.
These were the inspiration for Lancy to make pottery. To this day, Lancy shares his father’s impressive collection of shards and artifacts, along with fascinating stories about Daufuskie Island’s history, with visitors at Silver Dew Pottery.  Beautifully simple and wholly functional, each piece of pottery is signed and many pieces have become treasured collectors’ items.

Daufuskie Glass House

A visit to Melony Larson’s Glass working studio and gallery is like being in Wonderland.  Her earrings, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, appetizer forks, key chains and more will delight the eye of anyone who ventures in. Say hello to Mr. McCaw at the door.

Contact Melanie at 843-341-5765 or DaufuskieGlassHouse@yahoo.com

School Grounds Coffee Shop

Treat yourself.  You’ll never find better coffee than what you’ll find at the School Grounds Coffee Shop.

Brian and Pam are coffee aficionados and they bring their passion for coffee to their creative brewing process.    Their daily coffee menu, which also includes fruit- ilicious creations, is often enhanced with a “designer” coffee – a specialty of the day that you might wish were an every-day offering.

But what’s coffee without ambience?  Pam and Brian add their own charm.  They will entertain you with their stories of Daufuskie history, about the writing of ‘The Water is Wide’ and about what’s hot and what’s not on Daufuskie.  The School Ground Coffee Shop has raised the bar for coffee boutiques.  Take notice, Starbucks.

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Lucy Bell’s

At Lucy Bell’s you’ll encounter some of the island’s most interesting people while you enjoy a gourmet breakfast or lunch crafted by a highly acclaimed catering team. Look for the little cottage with blue shutters on the corner of Benjies and School Road.  Open for lunch 11-3 Tuesdays thru Sundays (closed Mondays).  843-341-6477

Old Daufuskie Crab Company Restaurant

At the Freeport Marina a crushed oyster shell lane leads you past an outdoor bar and sitting area to the The Old Daufuskie Crab Company Restaurant.
At the end of the lane is the Freeport General Store. Here you will find everything from cold drinks and snacks to t-shirts and gifts. This is one of those unique little stores found only off the beaten path. Old Daufuskie Crab Company Restaurant

Daufuskie Beach Club (Bell’s on the Beach)

A breath of elegance on Daufuskie, this five-star dining experience offers a semi-formal dining room and a more casual dining experience on the patio.   Its ever-changing menu and full-service bar provide something for everyone.

Come to dine or just sip a beverage while enjoying the lovely view of Harbour Town across the sound.

If you love Lucy Bell’s, you are guaranteed to love Bell’s on the Beach.  Call 843 785 3700 for more information and reservations.

Click here Learn more about our community of undiscovered Low Country Artists and their unique talents and treasures.