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Daufuskie is a magical place.  Pack smart – as if you were traveling by plane.  Don’t be burdened by too much luggage. For your convenience and to ensure the safe operation of the ferry, we ask that you follow the luggage and packing policies specified below.

Packing Policy

Consolidating small pieces into one suitcase/container is recommended since luggage tickets are required for transporting all pieces of luggage after the first which is free.

Be sure to tag each piece of luggage with your reservation name and phone number.   Luggage tags are available at the terminal.

All items must be packed in closed containers, suitcases or zippered bags.

Open bags such as grocery bags will be refused.

Coolers or totes with capacities larger than 48-quarts will be refused.

The ferry company has the right to refuse any item which could hamper the safe operation of the ferry including unusually large items or items with sharp edges.

Be prepared to pay the crew for their luggage handling services ($10 for loading up to half a baggage cart and $20 for loading up to a full baggage cart).

Canoes, kayaks, bikes and other oversized items may be transported at published rates.

Since luggage is not guaranteed to ship on the same boat with the passenger due to the payload limitations of the individual ferries, it is recommended that passengers carry their essentials with them, such as medications or necessary food, in case they are needed.

If luggage must be shipped on a different boat, it will come on the next available departure which could be the following morning.

Luggage Policy

Pack as if you were travelling by plane. Many rentals include play pens, and high-chairs. Check with your rental agent.  Daufuskie does have a small grocery store and a Saturday farmer’s market.  There are companies that rent kayaks and beach chairs.

Each passenger may only carry on one piece of luggage which must not weigh more than 50 pounds (suitcase, rolling cooler, standard folding wagon, etc).

All luggage MUST be in closed containers (suitcases, zipped duffle bags, back packs).

Specific items which will be not be accepted include open bags such as grocery bags and coolers or totes larger than the 60-quart size.

Each passenger’s first piece of luggage weighing less than 50 pounds is free whether checked or carried on.

Passengers must purchase luggage tickets for each additional piece of luggage.
One ticket is required for each luggage piece weighing less than 50 pounds; two tickets are required for a luggage piece weighing from 50 pounds to 100 pounds, etc.

Luggage tickets can be purchased from the ferry agent when checking in.

A separate luggage handling service fee is due and payable in cash to the ferry team when they load your checked items into the baggage carts.

We thank you for choosing the Daufuskie Island Ferry.  If you have any questions, please call us at 843-940-7704.