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FERRY VISITORS CENTER (FREE parking with shuttle to ferry), Suite 102A, 1536 Fording Island Road (Hwy 278) Bluffton, 29926
FERRY EMBARKATION (pay for parking), 55 Fording Island Road Exd, Hilton Head/Bluffton, 29926

 Ferry Running Full Schedule

Face Coverings Required

The Daufuskie Island Ferry is again running its normal daily schedule.  IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Face coverings are required. Please be aware that when you purchase your ferry ticket you are entering a contractual agreement with the Daufuskie Island Ferry to follow its policies.

Per SC’s DHEC guidelines regarding the COVID- 19 virus, all ferry passengers must wear face coverings in accordance with the following directives:

  • All passengers are required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth throughout the entire passage, including while loading/unloading luggage and cargo, while in the waiting areas, on the docks and while on board the ferry inside the cabin or on open decks.
  • Small children who are not able to maintain a face covering are exempt from this requirement.  Face covering guidance is provided on  the CDC website.
  • The application of hand sanitizer prior to boarding will continue as usual.

The Ferry Visitors Center, Suite 102A, 1536 Fording Island Road, Bluffton, 29915, is open and provides FREE day-time parking and shuttle service to the ferry.


  • To Daufuskie:  7 AM, 10 AM, 1  PM and 4 PM (on Fridays only 9 PM)
  • From Daufuskie:  8:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM (on Fridays only 10:15 PM)

NOTE TO ISLAND RESIDENTS:  If you have a Palmetto Breeze ID card with a QRcode sticker, click here to make your QRcode reservations.

Read these tips before you click the reservation button below.

  • If you are just coming for the day,  round-trip reservations are $35 per person – children 6 years old and younger travel for free.
  • If you are going to spend one or more nights on Daufuskie,  round-trip reservations are $45 per person – children 6 years old and younger travel for free.
  • To make a one-way reservation please call the office at 843-940-7704.
  • After you make your ferry reservation, call any of the golf cart companies below and tell them what ferry you are on and they will have your golf cart waiting for you when you arrive.
  • If you are staying a few nights, be sure to have land transportation waiting for you to take you and your luggage to your vacation residence.
  • Daytime parking is FREE at the Visitor Center.  Daytime parking is $20 per day at the landing including parking spaces at the fruit stand or service station .  Over-night parking at the visitor center, landing, fruit stand or service station is $10 per night not to exceed $100 per month.  You will be able to pay for parking when you book your reservation.

Click here or click the ROUND-TRIP button below to book your reservations.

Round Trip Daufuskie

Transportation on Daufuskie

Whether you are just spending the day or staying longer, you will need land transportation.  Golf carts are the transportation of choice although some hardy cyclists rent bicycles.  If you are staying over night, you need to arrange transportation from the dock to your rental unit.  Some rental properties will have a golf cart for you when you get there.   When a property does not include a cart, you may need to rent one for your entire stay.   If you need help with land transportation, call us at 843-940-7709.  Here are some options for golf cart rentals:

Bloody Point – 843-341-5566

Daufuskie Carts – 843-341-2327

Freeport Marina– 843-342-8687

Island Carts – 843-505-3937

Mungeon Creek – 912-844-0222

Tour Daufuskie – 843-842-9449

Sports Addiction–  843-815-8281
Provides Bicycles Rentals

Daufuskie Transit– (843) 338-2570
Provides transportation between your rental and the dock

Freddy Taxi Service – (843) 368-4238
Provides transportation between your rental and the dock
Provides taxi service while you are on the island

Travel Tips

Here are some tips to make your trip an easy and enjoyable experience:

  1. Pack sparingly – The island lifestyle is VERY casual.
  2. Tag each of your bags with your name and cellphone number.
  3. Make sure all your bags are closed or zippered to avoid spillage. Boxes to hold open bags such as grocery bags and satchels can be purchased at the dock.
  4. Plan to carry on all your valuables, medications and breakable items.
  5. Consider using a grocery shopping service to deliver your groceries to you at the dock:
    The Cyber Valet Service Phone : 843-505-8568
    Daufuskie Grocery Phone: 843-508-5900. (Daufuskie Specialists)
  6. Any luggage or other items that you cannot carry on by yourself may be left on the loading platform and the crew will load them into the ferry’s baggage carts.  A luggage handling service charge (similar to the gratuity that you would give a valet for equal service) will be due and payable to the crew at the time that your items are loaded.