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FERRY VISITORS CENTER (Free DAYTIME parking with free shuttle to ferry)
Suite 102A, 1536 Fording Island Road (Hwy 278) Bluffton, 29926

FERRY EMBARKATION (Authorized parking only – Call office for authorization)
55 Fording Island Road Exd, Hilton Head/Bluffton, 29926

Overnight parking in all ferry locations (Visitor Center, Fruit Stand. Gas Station) $10/night/car.

Face Coverings Required

The Daufuskie Island Ferry is again running its full schedule.  Following SC’s DHEC requirements regarding the COVID- 19 virus, all ferry passengers must wear face coverings in accordance with the directives below.  Please be aware that when you purchase your ferry ticket you are entering a contractual agreement with the Daufuskie Island Ferry to follow its policies.

  • All passengers are required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth throughout the entire passage, including while loading/unloading luggage and cargo, while in the waiting areas, on the docks and while on board the ferry inside the cabin or on open decks.
  • Small children who are not able to maintain a face covering are exempt from this requirement.  Face covering guidance is provided on  the CDC website.
  • The application of hand sanitizer prior to boarding will continue as consistent with past practice.

2021 Daufuskie Island Ferry Price List

TICKETS   (Children under 7 years of age travel for free.)

Same-Day Round-Trip (same day—initiating from the main land)  –  $45 per person

Multi-Day Round-Trip (for passengers staying overnight on Daufuskie) – $55 per person

Island Hopper Round-Trip (same day—initiating from Daufuskie) – $20 per person

Express Round-Trip – Only during high season
(High-speed, small boat service for up to 10 people—carry-on baggage only) – $59 per person

One-way (In either direction) – $30 per person

Water Taxi Service (Does not include parking nor baggage handling service fee)

For up to 5 passengers  – $250 one way
Each additional passenger over 5 people – $40 one way

NOTE: All cars parked in any ferry parking area must have a valid parking permit displayed on their mirror or dashboard. Parking permits can be obtained from the concierge at the Visitor Center or from a ferry team member at the Landing.

DAYTIME parking at the Visitor Center with free shuttle bus –  Free

Parking at Buckingham Landing is reserved for passengers spending the night(s) on Daufuskie.

OVERNIGHT parking in any ferry parking area including the visitor center, Buckingham Landing, the fruit stand and the service station  – $10 per night per car (not to exceed $100 per month)


Packing Policy

Be sure to tag each piece of luggage with your reservation name and phone number. Baggage tags are available at the terminal.

All items must be packed in closed containers, suitcases or zippered bags. Open bags such as grocery bags will be refused.

The ferry company has the right to refuse any item which could hamper the safe operation of the ferry including unusually large items or items with sharp edges.

Coolers or totes with capacities larger than 60-quarts will be refused.

Consolidating small pieces into one suitcase/container is recommended since luggage tickets are required for transporting all pieces of luggage after the first which is free.

Be prepared to pay the crew for their luggage handling services ($10 for loading up to half a cart and $20 for loading up to a full cart).

Canoes, kayaks, bikes and other oversized items may be transported at published rates.

Since luggage is not guaranteed to ship on the same boat with the passenger due to the payload limitations of the individual ferries, it is recommended that passengers carry their essentials with them, such as medications or necessary food, in case they are needed.

If luggage must be shipped on a different boat, it will come on the next available departure which could be the following morning.

Luggage Policy

  • One piece of luggage weighing less than 50 pounds is free for each paying passenger.
  • A luggage ticket ($10) is required for each additional piece of luggage weighing less than 50 pounds.
  • Heavier pieces of luggage will require additional luggage tickets.
  • Luggage tickets can be purchased online or from the ferry agent when checking in.
  • A separate luggage handling service fee is due and payable in cash to the ferry team when they load your checked items into the baggage carts.

         For handling baggage filling up to 1/2 of a baggage cart  – $10 one way
         For handling baggage filling up to a full baggage cart – $20 one way

  • Each passenger may carry on one piece of luggage (suitcase, duffle bag, standard folding wagon, etc.).

BICYCLES—per seat  (Tandem bicycles are charged for two seats.) – $8 one way

KAYAKS—per kayak  – $10 one way

There is no charge for transporting medications.  To transport other parcels is $20 one way.

This includes furniture, appliances, tools, landscape and building materials, etc.

         Up to 1/2 of a baggage cart of freight  – $20 one way

         More than half and up to a full baggage cart of freight   –  $40 one way


The ferry runs the same schedule everyday except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Days. On these holidays, the ferry only runs the 7AM round-trip and the 4PM round-trip.

Everyday Schedule

  • To Daufuskie:  7 AM, 10 AM, 1  PM and 4 PM (and on Fridays only – 9 PM)
  • From Daufuskie:  8:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM (and on Fridays only – 10:15 PM)


  • Each passenger may only carry on one piece of luggage which must not weigh more than 50 pounds (suitcase, rolling cooler, standard folding wagon, etc).
  • All luggage MUST be in closed containers (suitcases, zipped duffle bags, back packs).
  • Specific items which will be not be accepted include open bags such as grocery bags and coolers or totes larger than the 60-quart size.
  • Each passenger’s first piece of luggage weighing less than 50 pounds is free whether checked or carried on.
  • Passengers must purchase luggage tickets for each additional piece of luggage.
    One ticket is required for each luggage piece weighing less than 50 pounds; two tickets are required for a luggage piece weighing from 50 pounds to 100 pounds, etc.

If you have not purchased luggage tickets as part of your reservation, they can be purchased from the crew at check-in – $10 each.    Please CLICK HERE for details about our Luggage and Packing policies.

NOTE TO ISLAND RESIDENTS:  This luggage policy does not pertain to Palmetto Breeze passengers with orange, pink or green ID cards. If you have a Palmetto Breeze ID card with a QRcode sticker, click here to make your QRcode reservations.

DAUFUSKIE EXPRESS – Available in high season only – $59.00/round-trip.

Ask us about this high-speed, no-hassle EXPRESS service to and from Daufuskie  – limited to 16 passengers.

A seamless way to get to Daufuskie, the EXPRESS service begins when you board the no-wait private shuttle at the Visitor Center and ends when you arrive on Daufuskie.   No more than one bag may be carried on. There is no luggage-handling service.


  • To make a ROUND-TRIP reservation (single-day visit $45.00 or multi-day visit $55.00), click here or click the ROUND-TRIP button below.
  • To make a ONE-WAY reservation to Daufuskie ($30.00), click here.
  • To make a ONE-WAY reservation from Daufuskie ($30.00), click here.
  • To make a reservation on the Daufuskie EXPRESS in season ($59.00),  click here  or click the EXPRESS button below.


Important Travel Tips

  1. If you are just coming for the day,  round-trip reservations are $45 per person – children 6 years old and younger travel for free.
  2. If you are going to spend one or more nights on Daufuskie, round-trip reservations are $55 per person – children 6 years old and younger travel for free.
  3. One-way reservations to or from Daufuskie are $30 per person.
  4. If you are staying a few nights, be sure to have land transportation waiting to take you and your luggage to your vacation residence.
  5. Daytime parking is free at the Visitor Center.
  6. Over-night parking at the visitor center, fruit stand or service station is $10 per night not to exceed $100 per month.  You will be able to pay for parking when you book your reservation.

Packing and Luggage

Please CLICK HERE for details about our Luggage and Packing policies.   Here are some tips to make your trip an easy and enjoyable experience:

  1. Pack as if traveling by plane – The island lifestyle is VERY casual.
  2. Tag each of your bags with your reservation name and cell phone number.
  3. Make sure all your bags are closed or zippered to avoid spillage. Open bags such as grocery bags will not be accepted.
  4. Luggage tickets ($10 each) are required for each piece of luggage weighing less than 50 pounds after the first which is FREE.  Heavy pieces of luggage may require more than one luggage ticket.  One piece of luggage weighing less than 50 pounds may be carried on per passenger.  Checked luggage will be loaded by the crew who should be paid in cash for their luggage handling services at the time they load your luggage. Please CLICK HERE for our Luggage and Packing policies.
  5. Plan to carry on your valuables, and medications. Carry-ons are limited to 1 piece per person.
  6. Consider using a grocery shopping service to deliver your groceries to you at the dock or order from the D’Fusky Store on Daufuskie 843-540-1570
    The Cyber Valet Service Phone : 843-505-8568
    Daufuskie Grocery Phone: 843-508-5900. (Daufuskie Specialists)

Transportation on Daufuskie

Whether you are just spending the day or staying longer, you will need land transportation.  Golf carts are the transportation of choice although some hardy cyclists rent bicycles.  If you are staying over night, you need to arrange transportation from the dock to your rental unit.  Some rental properties will have a golf cart for you when you get there.   When a property does not include a cart, you may need to rent one for your entire stay.   Any one of our preferred golf carts vendors can have a cart waiting for you when you step off the boat.

Daufuskie Carts (electric carts) – 843-997-0062

Island Carts (gas carts) – 843-505-3937

Mungin Creek (gas carts) – 912-844-0222

Tour Daufuskie (gas carts) – 843-842-9449

Fuskie Bikes (electric bicycle rentals) – 843-849-9000

Daufuskie Transit (transportation between homes & dock) – 843-338-2570

Freddy’s Transport and Taxi Service – 843- 368-4238