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What First Time Visitors Need to Know

Find out how to pack, what to bring, and what to expect when you arrive. Learn about things to do and where to go. Just read on for answers to commonly asked questions (FAQs).

If I’m just coming over to sightsee, how do I get around?

Since there are no sidewalks nor a town center, walking won’t do.  You can rent a bike or a golf cart or call on a friend.  Bikes and golf carts are located at  the ferry landing. Reservations for both golf carts and bicycles are recommended.  Call the ferry office for assistance or click here for a list of providers.

What restaurants are located on the island?
Lucy Bell’s is so good that it has been featured on the food network.   The Daufuskie Crab Company has a full-service bar, a casual menu, and entertainment on the weekends.  The Melrose Beach Club offers an up-scale dining experience .  For more info, click here.

Is there a place to buy groceries?
Yes, the Freeport Marina has a convenience store that stocks most things you and your family might forget to bring.  Bug spray. Suntan Lotion. Water.  However, if you need be, you can phone any number of Hilton Head grocery stores and  give them your grocery list and they deliver your groceries to the ferry.  You could also use a grocery buy-and-deliver service such as:

To order, just call or email your grocery list.   There is usually a fee for the grocery shopping and delivery service.
Daufuskie Grocery   –  Phone:  843-508-5900.
The Cyber Valet Service  – Phone : 843-505-8568

Do we need to make ferry reservations?

What Activities Does the Island Offer?

There are galleries, shops, historical sights, beaches, museums, horseback riding, and kyacking in addition to our eateries.  Go to “Discover Daufuskie Island” for details.

What is the barge used for?
The barge is used to get large items to and from the island. If you need to schedule the barge or want general information please call 843 321 0119.

When does the custom water taxi run?
Any time you need it but try to schedule it at least 24 hours ahead of time. Click here for details about the custom water taxi service.

What do we do about parking cars overnight when we go to Daufuskie?
The Ferry concierge will assist you with overnight car parking.  Parking at Buckingham Landing is $10 per night.  Remote overnight parking is FREE at the Beaufort Government Center for cars with a valid parking permit displayed on their dashboards. Visitors  coming in more than one car are encouraged to drop off their luggage and park all but one car at our free remote parking location (The Beaufort County Government Center, 4819 Bluffton Parkway, Bluffton 29910).   Dashboard passes for parking at the remote location can be obtained from the ferry crew.  You can pay for your parking when you make your ferry reservations.

In case of an emergency, is there someone on the island to contact?
The fire department can be reached 24 hours a day.  Also dial 911.

Are there tours offered on the island?
Yes, if interested, contact the Daufuskie island Ferry Office:  843-940-7704.  There are guided tours, self-guided tours.  The ferry will package their ferry ticket with various adventures such as horseback riding, golf, and kyacking.  Check out this gallery of activities.

How big is the island?
It is approximately 5 miles long and 2 miles wide.

What is it like to spend a day on Daufuskie?

In a nut shell, your day might look like this.  Get a golf cart or a bicycle.   Get a map.  Read about Things to Do.  Then, with map in hand, take off in your golf cart and start your adventure.

You may explore our beaches, visit the island’s historic locations, stop in at the galleries and craft shops, and/or grab some food at one of our unique restaurants.   Discovering our island by golf cart or bicycle makes for many memorable days on Daufuskie.

Time on Daufuskie encourages you to:  put the electronics away;  get back to nature; and enjoy the fresh air. Want more details? Click here.

Preparing for Your Stay on Daufuskie

Here are some tips to make your trip an easy and enjoyable experience:

  1. Pack sparingly – The island lifestyle is VERY casual.
  2. Use our Pre-Boarding Packet to simplify the boarding process (It includes bag tags, parking permits, and boarding passes).  Click here to download your Pre-Boarding Packet.
  3. If you are staying for a few nights, consider buying your groceries on your way to the boat or use a grocery shopping service to deliver your groceries to the dock in time for your arrival. To order, just call or email your grocery list.   There is usually a fee for the grocery shopping and delivery service.
    Daufuskie Grocery   –  specializes in serving Daufuskie – Phone:  843-508-5900.
    The Cyber Valet Service – Phone : 843-505-8568

What to Bring

Bring a camera, a pair of tennis shoes or flip flops – depending on how much walking you want to do –  and maybe a bicycle, binoculars and even a good book.

The dress of the island is casual – very casual – like bathing suit cover-ups, sun hats or visors, and comfortable stuff for relaxing.  You might get caught in a rain shower but if you don’t mind being wet, don’t worry.  You will dry off so don’t worry about bringing an umbrella.

It’s always a good idea to check with your rental agent to determine what other supplies you should bring.

If you forget to bring something, there is a small convenience store at Freeport Marina where you can pick up bug spray, sun screen, bottled water, etc.

What’s the Best Way to Get to Daufuskie?

Since Daufuskie is an island without a bridge, you can only get here by passenger ferry or boat (no cars on the ferries).   The OFFICIAL ferry to and from Daufuskie is  the Daufuskie Island Ferry.   It runs 8 times a day on the same schedule every day, rain or shine, holidays included.
What you can carry on by yourself is free – even bicycles or golf clubs are FREE.  If you need assistance with your luggage, just be prepared to provide a luggage handling service fee (similar to a valet’s gratuity at a fine hotel).

Where do I Catch the Ferry

The ferry leaves from Buckingham Landing (at the foot of the Hilton Head Bridge on the Bluffton side).  Plan to get there at least 25 minutes before your departure time.

Buckingham Landing is used exclusively by the Daufuskie Island Ferry.  Just pull under the building with the green round roof and unload your luggage onto the drop-off platform.  When the ferry arrives, the crew will come up to the waiting area and help you with your luggage and direct you to parking.  Payment for overnight parking can be made via credit card at that time.  Passengers will receive a parking permit to place on their car’s dashboard when parking over night.

What Can I Bring On Board with Me?

Anything you can carry on is free. Any luggage or other items that you cannot carry on by yourself may be left on the loading platform and the crew will load them into the ferry’s large enclosed blue baggage carts. A luggage handling service fee (similar to an equivalent valet gratuity) will be due and payable to the crew at the time that your items are loaded into the baggage carts.

How Do I Purchase Tickets

Reservations can be made and tickets can be purchased by phone at 843-940-7704, or on the Daufuskie Island Ferry website.   When you purchase your tickets using our website, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase and your name will appear on the Captain’s list of paid reservations.  Normally you will not have to show anything to the captain, however, it is advisable to keep the email copy of your receipt should there by any confusion.

Tickets cost $35 round trip. They should be purchased at least a day ahead of time if possible.   If the boat is at capacity, people who walk up without reservations will be assigned stand-by status until boarding of passengers with reservations has been completed.

What Should I Expect When I Arrive?

When you arrive on the Daufuskie Island Ferry, be sure to have arranged for land transportation – a golf cart, bicycles, a friend or a transport service. Some vacation rentals offer complimentary ground transportation options, so check with them.

If a vacation rental does not include a cart, you may need to rent one for your entire stay.  Here are some options:

Bloody Point – 843-341-5566

Daufuskie Carts – 843-341-2327

Island Carts  –  843-505-3937

Tour Daufuskie – 843-842-9449

Sports Addiction Bicycles Rentals –843-815-8281

What is There to Do on Daufuskie?

Whether you come to Daufuskie for its history, or its natural beauty, or its community of unique artisans, or its eclectic atmosphere, it’s always a good idea to start at the Billie Burn Museum for maps and a little background about the island. You may want to explore our beaches, visit the island’s historic locations, stop in at the galleries and craft shops, and/or grab some food at one of our unique restaurants.
If you are interested in the amazing talents and unexpected treasures of Daufuskie Lowcountry Artists, you will discover that their inspiration is rooted in the spirit of a bridgeless island – a mystical and ancient place, where eagles soar, dolphins play and indigo grows wild. Click here for some ideas about what to do on Daufuskie.

What Would It be Like to Live on Daufuskie?

If you want to know more about what it would be like to actually live on Daufuskie, go to the Island Resident’s Page to discover the robust community and services which support our residents.  Here is a brief list of the Real Estate and Rental Services.

Island Accommodations
Your expert guide to this vacation paradise. We’ll handle everything for you, from arranging the perfect accommodations to supplying your transportation. Contact Krissy at – 843-785-8021

Susan Jones Property Management
Let me book your next visit to Daufuskie Island from accommodation, ferry, land transportation and golf cart rentals. Lots of experience as a Daufuskie Resident since 1999 and committed to my clients best interest as a knowledgeable, patient and caring Property Manager. Call Susan at 843 384 4894 or email her at:

Daufuskie Rental Group
Let us help you enjoy this incredibly beautiful islandin a lovely resort cottage or villa that is mere steps to the beach,  as well as unique Historic District properties. We will assist you with boat and ground transportation, arrange golf cart rentals, provide you with inside information about the island (after all we live here) and even help you plan your event. Contact Deborah at or call her at 404-414-1282.

Tony Simonelli, Daufuskie Properties Realty 908 295-6778

Andy Mason, Daufuskie Properties Realty 843 842-3441

Tom Beavor, Weichert Realtors Coastal Properties 843-816-0686

Brad Keppel –

Patricia Shannon –

How Do I Begin to Make it Happen?

One call does it all. Call 843 940 7704 and start by making reservations. Then watch this video and learn more about things to do on Daufuskie. Start planning for a visit that might turn into a life-time.