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Unique Audio Now Available – Daufuskie’s Role in American and Gullah History

Daufuskie’s History

You will be surprised and delighted at the importance of this little island without a bridge.

If you prefer a tour guided by one of the island’s best, consider taking a tour with Sallie Ann Robinson, a sixth generation native of Daufuskie Island.  During her tour, Sallie will fascinate you as she tells you about the history of Daufuskie.   For more information, go to https://sallieannauthenticgullahtour.com

Other history and artisan tours are also available from Tour Daufuskie at https://tourdaufuskie.com

An exclusive Audio History of Daufuskie or CDROM video is also available for just $10.  Call 843 341 2327 for more information.

Planning to visit Daufuskie?

Listen to or view the audio/video download of the History Of Daufuskie before you come and be ready to get the most out of your time here.  Then have it available on your phone for the day of your visit

Already visited Daufuskie?

Listen and be enriched by the history of the Daufuskie you visited.

The audio chapters are listed below.  Download it to your computer. Remember the mysterious Daufuskie. Play on speaker setting to share with others or listen quietly and enjoy.  843-341-2327.

Audio History Table of Contents

Chapter Number Chapter Title

Ferry Boat

Daufuskie Early History

English Come to Daufuskie

Daufuskie Today

Revolutionary War

Civil War

Gullah History

Gullah Religion


First Union Baptist Churc

Mt Carmal Church

Sarah Grant House

Francis Jones House

White School

Mary Field School


Silver Dew Winery

Oyster Union Society

Community Farm

The Mysterious Daufuskie

The island is called Daufuskie.  It is a place that defies description.  Words like fascinating, historic, mysterious, eclectic, and beautiful have been streamed together in an effort to capture its magic.  With a fascinating history, ghost stories, and an isolated position in history, Daufuskie is one of the most intriguing and beautiful islands on the South Carolina coast.  Books have been written about it.  Movies have been filmed here.  Popular rock musician, John Mellencamp, and famous hockey player, Mario Lemieux, have made their homes there.  Yet it remains relatively untouched by the hustle and bustle of every-day life.

Would you like to know some of the intriguing details about Daufuskie history?  Would you like to know – – –

  • Where Daufuskie gets its name?
  • Who its early inhabitants were?
  • Why the southern end of the island is called Bloody Point?
  • What a Marsh Tacky is?
  • The difference between the Gullahs and Gheechees?
  • Why the doors and windows of the historic homes are trimmed in blue?
  • Why Daufuskie was so impotant in the Civil War?
  • What the Oyster Union Society was?
  • The story behind the Haig’s Point lighthouse?

While most documented history about the island begins in the late 1500’s, arrowheads found on the island provide evidence that Native American hunting parties visited the island over 9,000 years ago.  There’s a lot of history to cover between then and now.  Take a self-guided tour with a Museum map in hand or arrange a guided-tour with one of the island’s best and get your copy of the Daufuskie Audio History and listen, watch and be fascinated by the happenings on this island. Then you will understand why the entire island is on the National Register of Historic Places.