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Personalize Your Day
with Moments to Remember

TheDaufuskie Island Ferry’s “platinum” customer service provides you with more than a round trip to Daufuskie.  Ask for assistance in planning your day.  A customer service rep can arrange a variety of adventures for you:  a self-guided golf cart tour of the island’s historic sites, a visit to select artist studios, horse back riding on the beach.  If playing golf is on your bucket list, we can help you with that too. One of our assoiates even gives a lighthouse tour that will knock your socks off. One call does it all: 843-940-7704.  Check out the following photos for ideas of what you might want to do.

Every-Day Activities Make Memories

Enjoy a Self-Guided Tour

If you like doing your own thing on your own time instead of being part of a group, then a self-guided adventure is perfect for you.

When you rent a Cart, it will be waiting for you when you step off the ferry.  A cart associate will tell you a little about the island and its history, give you an annotated island map, and share some personal recommendations.

Then, with map in hand, you’ll take off to explore the island going where you want to go and doing what you want to do – even stopping to say hello to little horsey!  You may explore our beaches, visit the island’s historic locations, stop in at the galleries and craft shops, and/or grab some food at one of our unique restaurants. The enjoyable round-trip ferry boat ride and nifty golf cart are the perfect trimmings for a very memorable day on Daufuskie.

Bicycle Adventures

Pick up the foundation’s historical guide at the Billy Burns Museum (843)686-4824. The guide includes a map which highlights historical points of interest, and includes a brief summary of the significance of each location including the Billie Burn Museum, the Gullah Learning Center, tabby ruins, historic cemeteries & homes, and old logging railroad line.  Then take off on your bicycles for a biking adventure.

Historical Lighthouse Tour

This lighthouse is located in the  private residential community of Haig Point.  Exclusive escorted tours can be arranged through the Daufuskie Island Ferry.

In 1872, to assist ships trying to navigate the shifting shoals of Calibogue Sound, construction of a lighthouse on Haig’s Point began.  The 40-foot tower of the lighthouse served mariners traveling around the northern tip of Daufuskie between 1873 to the 1930s.

Patrick Comer and his wife, Bridget, were the first keepers of the Haig’s Point lighthouse.  The Comers and their daughter, Maggie, moved to Daufuskie in 1873 and tended to its structure for 18 years.

Private Golf Outing

Ask us about playing golf on Daufuskie.  We might be able to arrange something very special for you.

Exclusive Horse Back Riding Adventure Copy of HaigPoint_Equestrian_08.jpg

Imagine galloping across the sandy beaches or through the beautiful woods of Daufuskie.  Adventures for adults and kids alike. Call us for help in arranging an exclusive Horse Back Riding Adventure on Daufuskie Island.

Discover the Undiscovered


When Jan Crosby started experimenting with home-made soaps, she had no idea that she would eventually become the number one provider of bath and body products for Daufuskie Island. With an impressive variety of scents and products, “Daufuskie Peach” pleases the taste and style of anyone who comes through her door.
In addition to soaps, Daufuskie Peach offers lotion bars, pump lotion, body butter, and scrubs. Even though Jan creates a number of additional bath and body products, the original is number one. “Soap is still my favorite.”
Daufuskie Peach products make a great gift! Check out Jan’s online store at!

Lynell Lynke fell in love with the beauty of the trees on Daufuskie which are as diverse as they are beautiful.  “As hardwoods became available after storms, I wanted to create something unique and beautiful rather than having them burned up,” she explains.  “After the pieces of wood dry, I cut them to size and plane them to expose their beautiful grain.”  What emerges is almost miraculous – a piece of debris transformed into a piece of art – beautiful cutting boards, frames and even table tops which show off the beautiful live edges of the trees themselves . . .  a piece of debris transformed into a piece of art – an ugly duckling turned into an elegant swan.


A visit to the Daufuskie Blues Fabric Art Studio includes a real-life, school-book lesson about the history of Indigo and about preserving the historical techniques and skills that can bring out the magic of this amazingly beautiful blue color!

From start to finish, a single scarf could take anywhere from hours to an entire day to make. Inspired by ancient cultures, no two pieces are ever quite the same.

Indigo – centuries old, symbolic of the sacred and beautiful, revered for its purifying effect on the soul – is more than a color, it’s the embodiment of a historical journey. Daufuskie Blues just challenges you to wear it and feel the magic of the ‘blue hue”.

The adventures never end!

Once-a-year Happenings Make Memories

Daufuskie Day 

A Gullah homecoming with arts and crafts, food vendors, storytellers, Island tours, DJ Entertainment, Playground for kids and more to benefit the Daufuskie Island Foundation. Usually held the 4th Saturday in June.

Christmas Parade

The first Saturday of December is usually the Daufuskie Island Christmas Parade.  Santa and Mrs. Claus lead the parade. The school children have their own float.   Island animals from the community farm delight the crowds.  A snow fall greets the kids at the community dock when the parade is over.   There are lots of gifts and surprises for everyone.

Annual Rum and Strum

Usually around Thanksgiving time, the Annual Rum and Strum is a great day of live music, great spirits, food and more. Entertainment begins at 10AM with two-hour sessions by popular bands and performers continuing until 10PM.

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