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Discover Daufuskie’s Art and Activities

Amazing Talents and Unexpected Treasures

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Photographers, cyclists,and naturalists will be in awe of Daufuskie’s art and activities, it unexpected treasures, its natural beauty, its undisturbed beaches and its abundance of wild life.
History buffs will be fascinated by Daufuskie’s historic district and its Gullah heritage – a heritage which has been faithfully preserved for years and years. The entire island is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Art lovers will discover that the amazing talents of Daufuskie Lowcountry Artists are rooted in the inspiration of a bridgeless island – a mystical and ancient place, where eagles soar, dolphins play and indigo grows wild.

Amazing Talent

Artisan Diversity

Although Daufuskie has no sidewalks and no town center with shops and galleries, Daufuskie is alive with lowcountry artists “hang-outs.” You just have to look close. There’s a little cottage deep in Daufuskie’s maritime forest where you might meet an artist making unique jewelry and stained fused-glass gifts. There’s an historic Gullah-constructed house situated along a dirt road where you might encounter a self-taught artisan hammering, cutting, forging and welding handcrafted metal sculptures under the shade of a moss-draped oak. There’s a back porch where, if you follow your nose, you will be greeted by the haunting scents of soaps – inspired by the scents and smells of the island itself – delicious, refreshing, making you want to return to inhale a favorite one last time.

If you take the time to meander along the sandy side-roads and talk to the islanders themselves, you will discover that incredible treasures await you just off the beaten path. Among these, you could find:

Soaps and body lotions that are toxin-free, organic and probiotic.

Nature photography, land-scape photography and human interest photography.

Oil paintings; pastels; and water-colors that speak of island life.

Metal art – coastal wall sculptures (fish, mermaids, crabs, sea turtles, lobster, and stingray) crafted out of sheet steel by a self-taught metal artisan.

Soaps and body lotions touted to make you feel younger and more beautiful.

Wood art – naturally elegant cutting boards, frames and table tops with beautiful live edges made from Daufuskie’s oak, cherry, walnut, pecan and hickory trees.

Shell art – custom-designed mirrors, wreaths, trees, lamps, boxes, ornamental balls and even hanging ornaments made from sea shells.

Scarves and shawls hand-woven on the artist’s loom and/or knitted with an island flavor.

Soft Art – a line of fabulous beachy comfort-casual apparel.

Confection Art – custom-iced sugar cookies which are more like art pieces than something edible.

If your side-road meanderings were to lead you to the old two-room school house where Pat Conroy wrote “The Water is Wide,” you would find a coffee shop snuggled in the back. Here you would here fascinating stories about the incredibly talented individuals who make up the Daufuskie art community.

After you finish your coffee and with your mouth still open in amazement at the stories you have just heard, you might wander into the front room of the schoolhouse where you could encounter the speech pathologist from Cincinnati and the corporate event planner from Memphis happily creating hand-dyed textiles for some of their creations (scarves, napkins, hand towels, shirts) made with organic indigo and other natural colors only available on Daufuskie.  Such are the adventures that await you on Daufuskie.


Silver Dew Pottery

Pottery and treasured artifacts from Daufuskie

Silver Dew Pottery, owned by husband and wife Lancy and Emily Burn, has been in business on Daufuskie over 15 years. The Burn family roots run deep on the island, and Lancy’s grandfather, Papy, was the Bloody Point lighthouse keeper. Papy spent his time wandering the shores, forests, and dirt roads of Daufuskie, collecting ancient pottery shards and other Native American island artifacts. These were the inspiration for Lancy to make pottery. To this day, Lancy shares his father’s impressive collection of shards and artifacts, along with fascinating stories about Daufuskie Island’s history, with visitors at Silver Dew Pottery.  Beautifully simple and wholly functional, each piece of pottery is signed and many pieces have become treasured collectors’ items.

Daufuskie Wine & Woodworking

Woodworking and wine shop on Daufuskie

Daufuskie Wine & Woodworks is located on the north end of the island next to Freeport Marina. Daufuskie Wine and Woodworks is owned and operated by Mike and Joanne Loftus who spent 30 years in the northeast and are now full time on Daufuskie.

The couple operates their business out of their beautifully designed post and beam barn, which can also be rented for private events and gatherings. The woodworking shop builds wooden kayaks, surfboards, canoes, and paddleboards. The quaint wine shop operates out of an attached building where many wines and craft beers are curated, and where you can also enjoy organic, sustainable, and low production wines from vineyards throughout the world.

Annotated Maps

You might come to Daufuskie for its history, its artistic community, its natural beauty, or its eclectic atmosphere. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good idea to start at the Billie Burn Museum for maps and a little background about the island. The museum is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 1pm-4pm. The museum can also be opened at other times by appointment for groups (given appropriate advance notice). Call 406 270 6586.
The Historical Trail Map below has been augmented to include shops and restaurants.

Click here
to view a self-guided tour map of the island.
For printable road maps of Daufuskie, choose from the following:
Daufuskie Island printable roads map
Robert Kennedy Historical Trail Guide Map

There’s so much to see and do on Daufuskie! Make your reservations on the Daufuskie Island Ferry, get a golf cart, grab a map, and explore. Be ready to fall in love with the most special little island you may ever visit.