Ferry Reservations

Ferry Reservations

Ferry reservations are strongly recommended. Purchased tickets are not date-stamped and can be used any time. To make actual reservations for a certain ferry on a specific date, please complete the following information and hit the SUBMIT button. If you need to change your reservations at any time, please contact us at 843-940-7704.

Whether you are just spending the day or staying a week, you will also need land transportation. Check out our information on land transportation after you have completed the reservation form.

Daufuskie Island Ferry Reservations

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From Buckingham Landing

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from Buckingham.

Departure Date from Buckingham.

Departure Times from Buckingham.

There is no additional charge for normal cargo. Normal cargo is defined as personal items such as groceries, small household items, luggage, and sports equipment. Cargo ships on a first-come first-served basis. During peak travel times, cargo may be held at the embarkation until the next available ferry. To help us better serve you, please make note of excessive cargo, personal disabilities, etc.

Special Boarding Concerns from Buckingham (excessive or unusual cargo, personal disabilities, etc.)

From Daufuskie

Number of seats being reserved
from Daufuskie.

Departure Date from Daufuskie

Departure Times from Daufuskie

Special Boarding Concerns from Daufuskie (Excessive or unusual cargo, personal disabilities, etc.)


Land Transportation Reservations

Whether you are just spending the day or staying a week, you will need land transportation. Some rental properties include a golf cart in which case you just need transportation to get to there. When a property does not include a cart, you may need to rent one for your entire stay. If your rental agency has not arranged for your land transportation, here are some options:

Island Carts – 843-505-3937

Daufuskie Carts – 843-341-2327

Bloody Point – 843-341-5566

Tour Daufuskie – 843-842-9449

Freeport Marina– 843-342-8687

Sports Addiction
Bicycles Rentals –  843-815-8281.

Daufuskie Transi t– (843) 338-2570
Provides transportation between your rental and the dock