The Daufuskie Island Ferry
Connecting Hilton Head and Daufuskie Island.

Delightful, Dependable, Comfortable, Affordable, Professional, Memorable!

You MUST have arranged land transportation BEFORE you arrive.

Call us for assistance.

Land Transportation A MUST!

For help with renting a golf cart,
call us.

The Bookmobile will be at Buckingham Landing on Wednesdays:
July 5, July 19, and August 2 from 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM.
Come and check out a popular book, audiobook, or DVD.

The OFFICIAL Ferry Service
to Daufuskie Island

Buckingham Landing
35 Fording Island Road Exd, Hilton Head 29926

Reservations are required.
Daytime parking is FREE.
Overnight parking is $10 per night.
Round-trip tickets are $35 per person.

Reservations are strongly recommended.
When you reserve a seat on the ferry, an email will be sent to you acknowledging your reservation.   Click here to reserve seats.

If the ferry is full, you may be asked to show this emailed acknowledgement to the crew when boarding the ferry.

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or on the ferry

Actual tickets are not dated.  Round-trip tickets are $35 (children 5 and under are free).  Tickets can be purchased by credit card on board the ferry or click here to purchase them now.  A payment receipt for your ticket purchase will be emailed to you.  Show this emailed receipt to the crew and they will issue you tickets.  Note: Reservations are required to guarantee your space on a specific ferry.

Parking Permits are Required for Overnight Parking

Parking permits can be purchased from a crew member at boarding time or you can pay for your parking now (click here).    A payment receipt for parking will be emailed to you.  Show this emailed receipt to the crew and they will issue you a parking permit for your car’s dashboard.

Ferry Schedule

The Daufuskie Island Ferry Service runs from Buckingham Landing (35 Fording Island Road Exd, Hilton Head 29926) to and from Daufuskie Island on the following schedule.

There is NO charge for normal cargo such as personal items (including groceries, small household items, luggage, and sports equipment) which you carry on board yourself.   Although the ferry crew is not responsible for providing valet service, we shall try to assist you as much as possible.

7:00 am 8:30 am
10:00 am 11:30 am
1:00 pm 2:30 pm
4:00 pm 5:30 pm
9:00 pm
10:15 pm

Transit time is approximately one hour.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure.

  • Reservations are STRONGLY recommended.  Click here or click on the RESERVATION tab above.
  • Click here to purchase ferry tickets or click on the PURCHASE TICKETS tab above.
  • For directions to Buckingham Landing, click here.
  • Daytime parking is FREE.  Overnight parking is $10/night.  To purchase a parking permit, click here.
  • With virtually no cars on the island, golf carts and bicycles are the norm.   For information about having  land transportation waiting for you when you arrive on the island, call 843-940-7704.

For barge service with the capacity to carry tractor trailers, large buses, and construction equipment to Daufuskie Island, call 843-247-5378 to reserve your barge transportation.


There is ample parking.    Single-day parking is FREE.  Overnight parking is $10.00 per night.  All passengers with vehicles will receive a parking pass to place on the vehicle’s dash board.  Please park in spaces clearly marked for vehicles.  If you purchase your parking pass here, you will receive a payment receipt email as proof of payment.   Just show this receipt to the captain and he will then provide you with an authorized parking pass to place on your car’s dashboard.

When arriving, please be considerate of the people who live in the area. This includes driving slowly, radios turned off or at low volume, no littering, and parking only in designated areas. If a car or motorized vehicle does not have an appropriate sticker or valid dash board permit, it may be towed.   There will be economy parking in a remote area as soon as it is completed.


Tickets can be purchased on-line (click here), or when boarding the ferry. Visitors are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets ahead of time to avoid delays in boarding.    Tickets are open.  Reservations must be made to hold a seat on a specific ferry.  Be sure to make reservations.  Reservations for the ferry are required.   If you do not have a ticket, please be prepared to present a valid credit card.  No cash is accepted on board the ferry.

Tickets for the Daufuskie Island Ferry are $35.00 round trip. Children 5 years old and under ride for free. Palmetto Breeze tickets are accepted.   For more information about Palmetto Breeze tickets, please call 843-757-5782.


There is no additional charge for the normal cargo (groceries, small household items, luggage, and sports equipment  ) which can be carried on board by the passenger himself/herself.    Although valet service is NOT included in the price of a ferry ticket, the crew will try to assist passengers as much as possible. 

There is a charge for unaccompanied cargo and freight. Cargo and freight ship on a first-come first-served basis. During peak travel times, cargo and freight may be held until the next available ferry. Freight shipments (larger items which require special handling) will be transported space available and charged as follows: small freight (up to 1/2 of a trailer) $25; regular freight (from 1/2 trailer to 1 trailer) $40; larger freight (requiring the use of 1 long trailer) $50.

Containers with gasoline are strictly prohibited. To help us better serve you, please include boarding concerns such as  excessive cargo, building materials, equipment or physical disabilities when you make your reservation.

For rules of conduct while riding the ferry, click here.

Land Transportation

Whether you are just spending the day or staying a week, you will need land transportation. Some rental properties include a golf cart in which case you just need transportation to get to there. When a property does not include a cart, you may need to rent one for your entire stay. If your rental agency has not arranged for your land transportation, here are some options:

Bloody Point Carts – 843-341-5566

Daufuskie Carts – 843-341-2327

Tour Daufuskie – 843-842-9449

Island Carts – 843-505-3937

Sports Addiction Bicycles Rentals –  843-815-8281.

Daufuskie Transit – (843) 338-2570
Provides transportation between your rental and the dock .

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Delightful, Comfortable, Dependable, Affordable, Professional, Memorable!

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General Rules of Conduct

Please observe the following general rules of conduct.

  • Passengers must wait in the designated waiting area until the boarding call is made.
  • Smoking is not allowed on any Daufuskie Island Ferry.
  • Firearms are not permitted on any Daufuskie Island Ferry.
  • Passengers must be appropriately dressed (shoes and shirts are required).
  • Eating is not permitted in the enclosed cabin. Drinking from glass containers is not allowed. Food and beverages are allowed on the aft open deck only.
  • Guide dogs or trained personal assistant animals can accompany their owners.  Passengers with personal pets must keep them in the designated area.
  • Riding Daufuskie Island Ferry is a privilege. Please behave politely and do not disturb others.
  • Please use headphones when listening to your radio / CD / MP3 player.
  • The Daufuskie Island Ferry service accepts credit cards, and printed tickets which can be purchased on-line. No exceptions will be made. If you have any questions about purchasing Daufuskie Island Ferry tickets, please call 843-940-7704.
  • Please make sure to take all belongings when leaving the ferry. If you find something that has been lost, please give it to the staff. Please call the Daufuskie Island Ferry office with lost and found inquiries at 843-940-7704. Daufuskie Island Ferry is not responsible for personal belongings.

Daufuskie Island Ferry Service information: 843-940-7704.

 About Buckingham Landing

  • Lots of Parking
  • Covered Waiting Area
  • Less Traffic
  • Expanded ferry schedule
  • Actual address: 35 Fording Island Road Exd, Hilton Head, SC 29926

Directions to Buckingham Landing

From Hilton Head

Take  US 278W to Fording Island Rd Exd.     Immediately after you pass under the Bluffton Pkwy overpass, take a sharp left onto Fording Island Rd. Exd. (Watch for Wesley’s Fruit Stand.)  The road ends at the landing.


From Bluffton

Go east on 278.  After you pass thru the Moss Creek traffic light, stay in the right lane.   Fording Island Road Extension will be your next right.    It is a slight right turn just before the Fruit Stand by the Bluffton Overpass.  The road ends at the Landing.

Actual address for your GPS:  35 Fording Island Road Exd, Hilton Head, SC 29926